Katina works with people who wish to improve their speaking voice and diction to become more powerful and effective communicators. She coaches lawyers, business executives, educators, broadcasters, actors, and other public speakers (including both native and non-native speakers of English).

Through daily practice under the guidance of a trained teacher, clients can make significant changes in speech and voice. An individualized plan, using specific exercises, is designed to help each person meet his or her goals. Clients are provided with instruction and materials for practicing on their own. Private coaching, group classes, and workshops are available.

To enhance the effectiveness of your speaking voice, we can focus on the following:

  • Develop flexibility and range so your voice does not sound flat or monotonous
  • Improve your diction so your speech is clear, effective, and easily understood
  • Learn to project your voice and control the volume
  • Develop a more appealing tone to your voice and learn to speak with conviction
  • Learn to control the pace of your speech
  • Learn how to stress important words so your message is more compelling
  • Strengthen presentation skills for meetings, job interviews, and negotiations
  • Eliminate or soften accents or regionalisms
  • Develop relaxation techniques to become a more confident speaker

Katina offers private (one-on-one) coaching in the following areas:
- Coaching for Lawyers
- Executive Coaching
- Training for Actors
- Accent Reduction

Katina designs and delivers customized workshops for firms and institutions.
- Public Speaking Workshop
- Public Speaking for Law Students
- Presentation Skills for Educators

Katina leads a Public Speaking Workshop
Katina leads a Public Speaking Workshop at CUNY

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