Executive Coaching:
Becoming a more powerful and effective communicator

Katina works with executives to strengthen overall presentation skills and help them become more dynamic presenters. An individualized plan, using specific exercises, is designed to help each person meet his or her goals. Clients are provided with instruction and materials for practicing on their own. Katina also offers coaching for specific upcoming presentations using the client's materials, including PowerPoint presentations.

Katina recently completed a 3-year contract as a communications coach with Deloitte. Her role involved helping to deliver a series of executive presence workshops throughout the country, working with participants privately and in group settings. In 2014-15, she has continued to work with executives from Deloitte and has been developing projects for CBRE. She continues her affiliation as a coach with Tribeca Leadership and BeamPines. In addition, her one-on-one coaching has included clients from Merck, Raytheon, Estee Lauder, and Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA).

To enhance the effectiveness of your presentations, Katina's approach focuses on the following:

  • Learn to connect with your message in a powerful way that moves people
  • Learn how to stress important words and ideas so that your message is more compelling
  • Develop a stronger vocal image that reflects your company's excellence and motivates people
  • Develop a more pleasant vocal tone and learn to enjoy the sound of your own voice
  • Exercises in breathing and physical relaxation will help you feel more at ease when speaking in public.
  • Learn to project intelligence and authority through good pronunciation
  • Become a more dynamic presenter through proper use of gestures, eye contact, correct posture, poise, and ease of movement

A commanding vocal presence brings authority, power, and persuasive abilities to your presentations. Clients are taught to find their authentic voice through a powerful connection to their core idea. Through exercises in intonation, word stress, volume control, and articulation, clients learn how to bring ideas to life in a way that is exciting to the listener.

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