Engaging in Effective Advocacy through the Human Voice

A Full-Day Workshop

This workshop will focus on helping law students become more effective and confident advocates when speaking in public. Students are taught acting and vocal techniques that help them present information more engagingly and with greater comfort and impact. Whether in the courtroom, public hearings, negotiations, or press interviews, participants learn how to approach any speaking engagement with authority and persuasiveness.

Throughout the day, there is practice with informal and formal speaking, along with voice and relaxation exercises designed to strengthen oral presentations. Students are given individualized feedback and instruction to help them gain the skills to engage in more compelling public advocacy.


  • Introduction and Workshop Objectives
  • Overcoming Fear and Nervousness
  • The Power of the Human Voice
  • Posture, Gestures, Eye Contact, and Attire
  • Vocal Tone, Projection, Inflection, and Pace
  • Clear Diction and Effective Speech
  • Connecting with Your Message and the Audience
  • The Importance of Preparation and Practice
  • Spontaneous or Prepared Speeches
  • Balancing Advocacy with Respect
  • Speaking with Intelligence and Conviction
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