Learning to Pronounce American English

Katina helps persons with foreign accents and those with American regionalisms learn to soften their accents and regionalisms and become more comfortable, confident, and easily understood when speaking American English.

Each client's speech is analyzed and an individualized program is designed, tailored to meet specific goals. Clients are provided with materials to practice on their own, including practice pages for mastering the specific sounds and rhythms of American English. Through learning to do these exercises on their own, clients can make permanent changes in their speech.

A particular focus is placed on incorporating the terminology of each client's field of work, in order to improve pronunciation, ease, and clarity of speech. Through repetition, clients master the sounds, cadence, and speech patterns that make up American English. Sentence structure and grammar problems, too, are addressed. One-on-one coaching and workshops are available.

Speaking American English more clearly will enhance your effectiveness with:

  • Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • One-on-one discussions
  • Group meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Media events
"Katina helped me tremendously to improve my accent and develop better public speaking skills. She is very professional but at the same time patient, encouraging and supportive in her approach. I truly enjoyed working with her. Thanks to Katina I am more confident with my English while speaking publicly."
Wojtek Boguski
Former Vice-Consul
Consulate General of Poland
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