Speech and Voice Coaching for Lawyers:
Effective Advocacy through the Human Voice

Katina works with lawyers who wish to improve their speaking voice and overall presentation skills and become more powerful, persuasive, and effective communicators. Whether in the courtroom, public hearings, negotiations, or press interviews, participants learn how to approach any speaking engagement with authority and persuasiveness. Coaching is available to prepare for such occasions as they arise. Katina offers private coaching, group classes, or workshops.

Participants are taught acting and vocal techniques that help them present information more engagingly, with greater comfort and stronger impact. An individualized plan is designed so that each lawyer can meet his or her unique goals. In addition, materials and instruction are provided for outside practice.

To enhance the effectiveness of your delivery, we focus on the following areas:

  • Learn techniques that help you speak with passion and persuasiveness
  • Develop flexibility and range so your voice does not sound flat or "monotone"
  • Improve your diction so your speech is clear and easily understood
  • Learn to project your voice and control the volume
  • Develop a more appealing tone to your voice
  • Learn to control the pace of your speech and use pauses effectively
  • Develop relaxation techniques that help the voice and the performance
  • Learn how to stress important words so your message is more compelling
  • Strengthen presence via eye contact, gestures, posture, and attention-sustaining techniques

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