Speech and Voice Coaching for Actors:
Training the Vocal Instrument

Katina works with actors who wish to improve their speaking voice and diction and become vocally skilled whether working in theatre, film, television, or radio. She trains actors to use speech and voice in a way that clearly and truthfully brings contemporary or classical texts to life. Katina helps each actor develop technical expertise and a flexible voice with great range that expresses that actor's emotional life.

Through daily practice under the guidance of a trained teacher, significant changes in speech and voice can be made. An individualized plan, using specific exercises, is designed to help each actor meet his or her goals. Students are provided with instruction and materials for practicing on their own. Private coaching, group classes, and workshops are available.

In training the actor's speaking voice, we focus on the following areas of work:

  • Eliminate or soften accents or regionalisms, and learn General American speech
  • Develop flexibility and range so the voice does not sound flat or "monotone"
  • Improve your diction so that your speech is clear and easily understood
  • Learn to project your voice and control the volume
  • Develop a voice with a resonant and supported tone
  • Learn to control the pace of your speech
  • Develop relaxation and breathing techniques that help the voice and the performance
  • Learn phrasing and how to stress important words so the text comes alive
"Katina is everything a teacher should be: patient, encouraging, professional, knowledgeable and humorous. She helped me to perfect an accent which I found extremely difficult. She is highly skilled in her field and a great mentor. She aided me not only in the technical aspects of accents, but also in the application of them as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Samuel Barnett, Actor
Broadway's Tony Award winning History Boys
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