Overcoming Fear and Becoming a More Effective Speaker

Full or Half-Day Workshop

This full or half-day workshop focuses on helping participants become more comfortable and confident when speaking in public. Using a variety of exercises, students gradually gain the skills to give effective public presentations with greater ease. In the workshop, people benefit from observing others and receive individualized instruction and materials with which to practice on their own. (Private one-on-one coaching is available for those who wish to continue studying or who seek assistance in preparing for a specific presentation.)

Throughout the day, there is practice with informal and formal speaking, along with voice and relaxation exercises designed to strengthen oral presentations. We discuss strategies for addressing both large and small audiences with authority and persuasiveness.

  • Introduction and Workshop Objectives
  • Overcoming Fear and Nervousness
  • What Makes a Powerful Speaker?
  • Relaxation, Posture, and Breathing Exercises
  • Vocal Variety through Tone, Inflection, Pitch, and Pace
  • Being Heard: Volume and Projection
  • Clarity of Ideas through Word Stress
  • Clear Diction and Effective Speech
  • Eye Contact, Gestures, and Engaging the Audience
  • The Importance of Preparation and Familiarity with Material
  • Pulling It All Together: Speaking with Passion and Confidence

Katina with Student Ambassadors at a CUNY workshop
Katina with Student Ambassadors at a CUNY workshop

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