Engaging Teaching through the Human Voice

A 3-hour Workshop for Professors

Prior to the Workshop
Each professor's presentation skills will be evaluated during a class observation which will be followed by a private one-hour coaching session. We will discuss strengths and weaknesses as well as the goals of each professor. Before the workshop, participants should prepare a five-minute teaching segment for possible use. In the workshop, professors will benefit from observing others and will receive individualized instruction and materials with which to practice on their own.

This workshop will focus on helping professors become more confident and compelling teachers who effectively engage their students. Using relaxation techniques along with speech and voice exercises, participants develop skills that will help them teach a class of any size, maintain students’ interest, and convey ideas with clarity and enthusiasm.

Participants will be given exercises in posture, relaxation, volume control, breathing, vocal variety, and eye contact, which they can practice on their own.

  • Introduction and Workshop Objectives
  • Overcoming Fear and Nervousness
  • Relaxation and Posture Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Vocal Variety through Tone, Projection, Inflection, and Pace
  • Clarity of Ideas through Word Stress and Vocal Variety
  • Clear Diction and Effective Speech
  • Eye Contact, Gestures, and Engaging the Students
  • The Importance of Preparation and Familiarity with Material
  • Pulling It All Together: Teaching with Passion and Confidence
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