"Katina is everything a teacher should be: patient, encouraging, professional, knowledgeable and humorous. She helped me to perfect an accent which I found extremely difficult. She is highly skilled in her field and a great mentor. She aided me not only in the technical aspects of accents, but also in the application of them as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Samuel Barnett
Broadway's Tony Award winning History Boys

"Katina is a joy to work with on public speaking. She is vivacious, supportive, and constructive. She is an attentive observer and astute listener, with a keen eye and an acute ear. She has an unflagging commitment to realizing the capacity and power of the human voice. And her own voice is beyond compare!"

Professor James E. Fleming
Boston University School of Law

"Katina helped me tremendously to improve my accent and develop better public speaking skills. She is very professional but at the same time patient, encouraging and supportive in her approach. I truly enjoyed working with her. Thanks to Katina I am more confident with my English while speaking publicly."

Wojtek Boguski
Former Vice-Consul
Consulate General of Poland

"Katina helped me project a strong and confident voice, learn to improve my speech delivery, and reduce my foreign accent. She is methodical and clear and her approach is very effective. She is a gifted teacher and trainer and she has a very warm personality. I enjoyed working with her very much and believe that her work with me made a great impact in the way I speak professionally."

Suzanne K., Ph.D.

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